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John MacQueen
Brilliant efficient service. Hamish confirmed the appointment by text and turned up on time. Really helpful and willing to sort the problem. I felt he was completely trustworthy and would not hesitate to recommend or use again. A really good find.
Paul Reynolds
Great service. Fitted me in same day for radiator valve replacement, which was done quickly and to an excellent standard. I will certainly use him again in future for minor plumbing jobs.
Gillian Sprague
Hamish has solved two plumbing problems for us and he has been excellent. He is totally professional and competent and we have total confidence in recommending him. Prior to finding Hamish we used another local plumber and he was unable to complete the job whereas Hamish dealt with it proficiently and to a very high standard. He is courteous and pleasure to have in the house.
Russ Le Puill
Fantastic service, clear pricing and an Excellent Job!
My Plumbing Qualifications
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6129 Plumbing Level 2
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NVQ Plumbing Level 2
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Water Regulations 1999 (WRAS)
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Hamish Erskine, Hamish the Plumber, Plumbers in Salisbury, Business is Great

Hamish the Plumber

Small Plumbing Repairs

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Local plumbers you could try instead
Sorry that I am moving! If you're looking for a plumber in Exeter, I hope you will find the following list helpful:

Paul Tucker, 07967 235987 - Bathroom installation, but also small plumbing repairs.

Nigel Wyatt, 07877 110678 - Gas safe, boilers, but also small plumbing repairs.

Ian Gosling (Leakfix), 07917715970 - Emergency plumbing

Ruth Weeks (Rubber Duck Plumbing), 07828 123697 - Plumbing repairs, maintenance and new installations

Andy Humphries (The Gasman), 07770 306096 - Boiler breakdowns, servicing and replacement

Paul Kane, 07811 975399 - Boiler breakdowns, servicing and replacement

Steve Lenton, 01392 254719 - Bathroom installation

Dyno-Rod Drains, 01392 461043 - Drain specialists - I don’t know them personally, but if you have a serious drain problem expect them to have specialist drain-unblocking equipment beyond what a normal plumber usually has. Having said that, I am fairly well equipped for drains myself, and I recently unblocked drains at a property where Dyno-Rod had given up and told the customer to call a plumber!

Although I do provide emergency plumbing repairs, as a sole trader, my availability is limited. If you have an emergency and neither me nor any of the above are available, try searching for ‘plumbers exeter’ on Google Maps and work your way down the list. The advantage of using Google Maps, as opposed to the main Google page, is that the plumbers listed should be genuine local plumbers, and not national firms pretending to be local with 01392 virtual phone numbers.

In a real emergency, if you really can’t find a local plumber you may just have to try your luck with one of the emergency plumbing hotlines. By definition, they should be able to get you someone within 1-2 hours, 24 / 7, but expect to pay as much as £100 per hour during normal hours, and more for out-of-hours. With these kind of hotlines, if the job lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes, they will probably charge you for 2 hours. These firms spend so much on advertising that they make little profit on one hour jobs. Their real profit comes from the 2nd hour and beyond, so don’t necessarily expect the plumber to work very speedily. But they may be better than having your house flooded. Here are some as listed in Thomson Directory:
Emergency Response, 1 hour service, 01392 308499
24 hour service hotline 0800 046 3510
24 hour service, 1-2 hr response 01392 797418
PlumberInExeter 01392 797412
Drains24seven, 1 hour response, 0800 130 3524


Within 5 miles of the centre of Salisbury I charge as follows:
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For further price guidance see my Pricing page.


I specialise in small plumbing repairs and emergencies including:

Washing machine plumbing

I do general plumbing, but not gas or boilers

Opening Hours

Mainly Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, but please call any time.


Because I focus on the small jobs, I can often fit another into my day, so please try calling me if you have a small plumbing emergency.

Out of Hours, or Out of Area

Please see my pricing page for details.
How I work
Hamish Erskine, Hamish the Plumber, Plumbers in Exeter, Profile photo
I often hear it said, “You can’t find a plumber to do the small jobs”, or “You can’t find a plumber when you need one”.

I try to fill these two needs of small jobs and availability without too long a wait.

I especially fix toilets and taps, but also deal with shower problems, leaks, blockages and the like. Not being a gas plumber, I don’t do boilers.

I arrive at a job with an expectation of fixing the problem and charge according to my published hourly rate. That way you pay for how long the job actually takes, and I never overcharge. I carry a good stock of common plumbing parts in my van which helps me provide an efficient service. More often than not I am able to complete the job without having to go and buy parts, which minimises my labour charge.

According to my reviews, many people are impressed by how efficiently I work and get the job done. For detailed price guidance, please see my pricing page.


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Gold winner - Best Sole Trader in UK Building & Construction sector
Scoot Business Directory - Headline Awards 2016
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Best Plumbing Services Specialist
BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2015
For details, please see my Awards page

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Hamish the Plumber
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Hamish the Plumber
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