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Showers - Repair and Replacement

If your shower is not working correctly, I am happy to make an obligation-free inspection visit to identify what's wrong and the best solution.

Mixer Showers
If your mixer shower has stopped working correctly I can probably fix it by ordering and fitting a new thermostatic cartridge. Especially with shower valves that are built-in behind the tiling, this is the cheapest solution. If the shower is unbranded and I am unable to identify the correct cartridge, it might be necessary to replace the shower, which would include some retiling. If the shower has an exposed valve, or bar valve, replacement of the whole valve is usually straightforward and may be better than just replacing the cartridge.

Electric Showers
When electric showers fail outside their warranty period, except with higher end models, the price of a new shower is such that it is usually more economical in the long term to replace the shower than to try to repair it. You then have the assurance of a new 2 year warranty. If I replace one component of an older shower, you never know when something else might go wrong with it.

At the end of a job, my bill is always calculated according to my hourly rate of £60 per hour plus parts for Mon-Fri, 8am to 6pm, within 10 miles of Salisbury. Minimum 1 hour charge, then to the nearest 0.1 hour. I am not VAT registered, so there is no additional VAT to pay on my labour.

When I make my inspection visit, I will talk you through the likely cost of each option, whether repair or replacement, including parts and labour. Replacement of an electric shower is typically a 2 hour job. Replacement of a mixer shower is more variable, depending on the type of shower and whether the valve is external or built-in behind the tiling. When possible, replacement of a thermostatic cartridge usually takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Shower Pumps
If a shower pump develops a fault, it is usually time to replace it with a new one. I will talk you through the various options, including positive and negative head, and what pressure rating of pump you need. Expect replacement of a shower pump to take about 2 to 2.5 hours. The main cost is the price of the pump, but I will help you source one at the best price.

Over-bath shower screens
Replacement typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Leaking Showers
If a leak is evident on the ceiling below, I first check that it is not from the shower's waste pipework (it rarely is but this needs to be eliminated as a possible cause first). The most common cause is that the silicon around the tray or bath has perished and needs replacing. This is typically a 1 to 1.5 hour job, most of which is the time taken to remove the old silicon and clean up the tiles. Another possible cause is that cracks have appeared in the grouting between the tiles and water has started to seep behind them. This loosens the tile adhesive, and also usually damages the plasterboard behind them. If this is the case, the lower two or three rows of your shower will need retiling and some of the plasterboard will probably need replacing. I am happy to do tiling and plasterboard repairs, but expect it to take something like 10 hours in total, spread over several visits.

Trays, enclosures, and bathroom installation
Where trays, enclosures or baths need replacing, please contact some bathroom installers for quotes. I prefer to focus on the smaller jobs, and always charge by the hour.
I don't normally offer a quoting service. I am happy to discuss the cost of possible replacement parts, but my labour is chargeable according to my published hourly rate. I like to prioritise small plumbing repairs, but in order to do so I have to prevent my schedule from getting filled up with larger jobs. Charging by the hour and not providing a quoting service is a natural way of achieving that. However, I do try to provide detailed guidance on how long various kinds of jobs usually take. Please see the buttons above, and feel free to call me if you need any further guidance or reassurance.

Salisbury's Best-Reviewed Local Plumber

Jess Willetts, June 2020
Hamish was able to respond to our needs promptly (on the same day). Was easy to deal with, helpful and knowledgeable. We were so pleased to have our shower tap replaced the day that we contacted him, this required him to come back after we had bought a new tap, which he was happy to do. His pricing was fair and we would definitely recommend/use him again.
Matthew Barber, September 2019
Two jobs completely swiftly and without fuss or additional expense. I now have a successfully flushing loo and a shower that won't catch fire when I use it. Next time I have a plumbing emergency or just an upgrade - I'll get him back in.
M J Hood, June 2019
Hamish did a great job of helping us out; our upstairs & downstairs showers packed up at the same time & Hamish replaced both quickly & efficiently. He also cured leaking bathroom taps, helped with some good general plumbing advice, left the place clean and tidy & inspired confidence in us. Highly recommended. Thanks Hamish.
Clair McColl, April 2019
Great service. Quick to respond and fixed our shower in good time. Will certainly use again.
Leanne Parsonage, April 2019
Hamish responded to our initial text message on the same evening and arrived on the arranged day, with a thoughtful update regarding exact arrival time. The issues with two wcs and basins were fixed swiftly and a replacement part for the leaking shower was sourced for me to order - with a return date for fitting organised promptly. All pricing was clear and fair. I am delighted to have found a reliable and considerate plumber and would not hesitate to recommend his services.

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Hamish the Plumber
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Hamish the Plumber
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