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Taps - Repair and Replacement

I repair or replace all kinds of taps. I carry a wide range of tap cartridges in my van, together with a selection of kitchen and basin taps in case replacement is necessary. I am also happy to fit taps that you supply (except for Bristan kitchen taps).

Labour Cost
£75 for up to an hour + parts (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm within 10 miles of Salisbury), then £60/hr to the nearest 0.1 hour. For jobs exceeding two hours it's simply £60 per hour, start to finish, plus parts. I am not VAT registered, so there is no additional VAT to pay on my labour. My rates are based on the Average UK Plumber day rate as published by Checkatrade.

Replacing a kitchen is usually about an hour's job, but can take longer if access underneath the tap is particularly awkward. Again, a basin mixer usually takes about an hour, including replacement of the pop-up waste. A pair of hot and cold basin taps is usually between half an hour to an hour. If your existing tap has developed a drip, but is otherwise in good condition, it probably just needs a new pair of ceramic disc valves (for quarter turn taps), or in some cases just a new pair of washers.

Tap valves
Tap valves, especially the ceramic disc type, come in many different sizes, and vary in price from about £10 to £40 per pair.

Recommended Taps
Most kitchen mixers are the monobloc type, meaning they fit through a single standard-sized hole in the sink or worktop. If you want a top quality single lever mixer tap, Grohe is an excellent brand, or I recommend Franke if you prefer twin levers. If you are looking for a decent but slightly cheaper tap, Cooke and Lewis is a good brand that you will find at B&Q or Screwfix. There are many other okay brands, but one to avoid is Bristan's range of Easyfit kitchen taps which contain a serious design flaw. I carry about five different kitchen taps for you to choose from, but am also happy for you to supply your own.

Basin Taps
I carry a selection of hot and cold basin taps to fit different budgets, including several cheaper ones from Screwfix as well as Bristan's 1901, Colonial and Regency taps for those who want premium quality. If you need a basin mixer replacement, it may be best if you buy one of your own liking before my visit, as I only carry a couple of different mixer designs. Grohe, Ideal Standard, and Bristan are good brands, but Screwfix supply various cheaper brands that are perfectly decent.

Bath Taps
Bath taps tend to last much longer than basin taps, mainly because they are used less. So I only carry a basic pair of bath taps. If you want to replace your bath taps it is probably best if you choose your own before my visit.

Garden Taps
If you would like a new garden tap installed, it is usually easiest to install it on the wall just outside your kitchen sink. This typically takes about 2 hours labour, plus about £40 for parts including the tap, the backplate, an isolating valve, a non-return valve and a short length of copper pipe. Installation in other locations is likely to take longer. It is also best to avoid running pipework along an outside wall where it will be exposed to frost in the winter. I always carry spare garden taps in case your existing one needs replacing.
Because my focus is on small plumbing repairs and maintenance, I publish my hourly rate and charge accordingly for my time. Consequently, I don't normally get involved if expected to quote for my time. If you click on the buttons above you will find general guidance for various job types and roughly how long they usually take. For more specific guidance, please email me or WhatsApp me photos of what you need doing and I will happily discuss over the phone. For jobs where parts will need to be identified and ordered, as long as you are happy with my hourly rate, I am happy to make an inspection visit to work out what might be needed, to discuss the cost of different possible parts, and to give a rough estimate as to how long I think the job might take. But for larger installation jobs, or if you are just at the stage of gathering several quotes, I am probably not the right person for you. With my focus on small repairs and maintenance, I fill a very particular niche. Plumbing jobs that are my priority are often not a priority to other plumbers, and vice versa. Each to their own!

Salisbury's Best-Reviewed Local Plumber

Jess Willetts, June 2020
Hamish was able to respond to our needs promptly (on the same day). Was easy to deal with, helpful and knowledgeable. We were so pleased to have our shower tap replaced the day that we contacted him, this required him to come back after we had bought a new tap, which he was happy to do. His pricing was fair and we would definitely recommend/use him again.
M J Hood, June 2019
Hamish did a great job of helping us out; our upstairs & downstairs showers packed up at the same time & Hamish replaced both quickly & efficiently. He also cured leaking bathroom taps, helped with some good general plumbing advice, left the place clean and tidy & inspired confidence in us. Highly recommended. Thanks Hamish.
Claire Holleran, May 2018
Hamish fitted a washing machine and fixed the kitchen tap for us in our new house. He was professional, calm, and efficient - and he left the kitchen cleaner and tidier than when he arrived!
Mags L Halliday, October 2017
Hamish came out and fixed a problem with our kitchen sink unit. He was friendly, efficient and was able to offer us a choice of replacement taps right there, without having to head off to a suppliers somewhere. It's the second time we've used him and we'd continue to recommend him.
Blackcornish 1964, August 2017
Bish, Bash, Bosh. Called Hamish on the off chance he could sort a leaking tap for me. He arrived the very same afternoon, went straight to work, serviced the taps (now working even better than before). Then to an outside tap I had managed to damage, sorted no problem. Finally on the off chance I asked for advice on my garden fountain, the hose had been damaged and I hadn't been able to use it. He went to his bag of tricks in the car and sorted it in 30 mins, so nice to have it working again. Can't fault the guy, will use again and suggest you look no further, book Hamish.
Clara Hayes, July 2016
Hamish arrived promptly and sorted out two leaks (toilet cistern and kitchen sink cold tap) straightaway. He's friendly and helpful and my husband and I recommend him.

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Hamish the Plumber
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Hamish the Plumber
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